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About Us

We are Jose Matias and Joseph Ranola, two Real Estate Brokers on Staten Island with Matias Real Estate. Jose is the Broker/Owner with over 25 years of Real Estate experience and Joseph is an Associate Broker with over 5 years of experience.

This idea was born out of a desire to interact with more businesses! In early 2021 we decided to just go for it, and so Highlighting Staten Island was born. It doesn’t cost the business anything but a little bit of their time and we’ve had nothing but fun highlighting over 30 businesses so far with many, many more in the pipeline!

Highlighting SI YouTube Banner.png

This has been a great ride and, yet, it’s only just beginning. We are now expanding to highlight entire zip codes so we can show people from Staten Island and beyond what everyday life is like here. We are doing tours of many Staten Island landmarks and prominent destinations to further show off our island and the great things in it. We are here to highlight everything!


Want your business highlighted? Want to give us ideas? Need any Real Estate help?

Reach out at any time.  

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