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February 2023

10302 Zipcode - Port Richmond, Elm Park

A Tour Through 10302!


This month we are highlighting Staten Island zip code 10302- our zip code! This is the trailer of the main episode which is up on our YouTube page.

Port Richmond is the main neighborhood in 10302 and it’s full of anything you could ever need- including Matias Real Estate located at 418 Port Richmond Avenue 😎

This urban neighborhood with beautiful views of the Bayonne Bridge everywhere you look is home to some Staten Island mainstays- Denino’s, the original Ralph’s Ices, Cafe Con Pan, La Bottiglia and more!

Check out the full episode to see what life is like in 10302 🏙️

Any questions regarding Staten Island Real Estate or

Staten Island in general? Reach out at any time!

  • Matias Real Estate, 418 Port Richmond Avenue

  • Jose Matias: 917-882-8659 -

  • Joseph Ranola: 917-716-1496 -

See you on the next episode!

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