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April 2023

10304 Zipcode - Stapleton, Todt Hill, Historic District

A Tour Through 10304!


This month we are highlighting Staten Island zip code 10304!

This zip code is unique in that it’s a thin sliver that goes from the water directly across from Manhattan all the way into the interior of the island! There are very notable neighborhoods in this zip code, with the biggest ones being Stapleton/Park Hill (officially renamed the Wu Tang Clan District in 2019!) and Todt Hill.

Closer to the water you see a neighborhood filled with ornate buildings from the late 1800’s-early 1900’s when this was SI’s hot spot due to the Ferry from Manhattan landing right here. This changed in the 60’s with the introduction of the Verrazzano Bridge and, unfortunately, a lot of the buildings were not kept up with. Regardless, there’s so much history throughout these streets that exploring is a must!

As you go deeper into the zip code you end up on the highest hill on the entire east coast- Todt Hill! The Corleone Compound from The Godfather is located up here and for good measure- the homes here will blow your mind! Furthermore, the Richmond County Country Club located on Todt Hill is absolute prestige.

At our last stop, the Moravian Cemetery, history and interesting facts follow suit…with a main one being that Martin Scorsese’s burial plot is here!

Check out the full episode to see what life is like in 10304 🏙️

Any questions regarding Staten Island Real Estate or

Staten Island in general? Reach out at any time!

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See you on the next episode!

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