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July 2023

10307 Zipcode - Tottenville

A Tour Through 10307!



This month we are highlighting Staten Island zip code 10307!

Download our guide to this great zip code!

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10307 is comprised wholly of one neighborhood- Tottenville. It is the southernmost neighborhood in both New York City and New York State, as well as the westernmost in New York City. Tottenville is surrounded by water on 3 sides which is evident as you traverse the area.

During the colonial period and for a significant time thereafter, Tottenville was an important waypoint for travelers between New York City and Philadelphia- these were both sites of temporary capitals of the new United States! In more recent times there was a ferry to NJ but it became less important when the Outerbridge Crossing opened in 1928 and continued to operate until 1963.

The Conference House was built by Christopher Billop and named that because it was the site of negotiations to end the American Revolutionary War in 1776, but these were unsuccessful. The historic residence has been preserved as the centerpiece of the city park of the same name. The Billop family, who developed the estate in 1678, continued to own it and the surrounding property during the 1776 meeting. Because they were Loyalists during the war, their land was confiscated in 1784.

In 1869 the district was renamed as Tottenville, apparently in honor of John Totten and the locally prominent Totten family and their names actually appear on tombstones in the cemetery of Bethel Methodist Church.

Tottenville has a strong Victorian architecture heritage, much like neighborhoods on the North Shore. This is unique for the South Shore because the majority of neighborhoods here were developed much later. Seven buildings in Tottenville have been honored with the Preservation League of Staten Island Award

During the 1990s, the blocks in and around Hylan Boulevard in this neighborhood saw intense levels of new home construction. Until the 2000s, commercial development had largely been restricted to the Main Street corridor in the heart of the neighborhood. A second commercial core began to emerge at the north end of the community along Page Avenue and west of Amboy Road at this time. Tottenville’s population density and crime rate still rank among the lowest in New York City.

There are so many great businesses in this corner of the island! To name a few, we always recommend:

Steph’s Creativity Corner, Grind Coffee Bar, Dani’s Italian Bistro, Belli Baci Bakery, Fort Funding, Reggiano’s DeLuca’s, Mike’s Bike Shop, Keke’s, Gigi’s, Zio Toto, Jojo’s Auto, Cigar Lounge, Fushimi, Campania and Intoxx!

Thank you for checking out 10307! As usual, we are here to guide you through the entire borough, zip code by zip code. Presented by Joseph Ranola and Jose Matias of Matias Real Estate. See you on the next one!

Check out the full episode on our YouTube page to see what life is like in 10307 🏙️

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