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August 2023

10308 Zipcode - Great Kills

A Tour Through 10308!


This month we are highlighting Staten Island zip code 10308! This is the trailer of the main episode which is up on our YouTube page.

10308 is comprised primarily of one neighborhood- Great Kills. It is very interesting in that it has distinct personalities- one side (below Hylan Boulevard) is full of marinas, waterfront restaurants, boats, bait and tackle shops and more. The heart of Great Kills, near the train station, is a bustling commercial center with tons of businesses, restaurants and people going about their day. Connecting these 2 points is an overall suburban feel with wooded areas, wide streets and high-ranches on big lots.


Great Kills has a LOT of history- the name alone dates back to nearly 1664!!

📜 The term "Great Kills" traces back informally at least to 1664, the final year of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, when French settler Jacques Guyon called the area "La Grand Kills".

🦪 In the 19th century, Great Kills became a popular spot for oyster harvesting.

🏨 Great Kills and Staten Island's other East Shore neighborhoods were mostly rural and dotted with shoreline resorts until the 1950s, after which the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge brought heavy residential growth from Brooklyn.

🚀 The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics selected what is now Great Kills Parkas a "Historic Aerospace Site" in 2006, to commemorate a pioneering rocket launch in 1933.

🥊 Great Kills was the site of the first middleweight boxing championship in 1884


Driving around Great Kills, it won’t take long before you realize you’re seeing a lot of single and 2 family high-ranches. Many of them have 40x100 lots as well- a testament to the days before they started building everything right on top of each other. There are a decent amount of co-ops in Great Kills as well (we’re currently set to close on that we’re selling at 475 Armstrong Avenue straddling the Eltingville/Great Kills border).

Some housing information to paint a picture of how homes move in 10308:


Properties SOLD: 234

Properties ACTIVE: 60

Total SOLD: $162,000,000

Average PRICE: $694,000

Average DISCOUNT: 6%

So…good numbers if you’re considering selling! Only 6% discount on average, nearly $700,000 average price- strong!


There are so many great businesses in this corner of the island! To name a few, we always recommend:

  • Arirang (of course!)

  • Nonna’s

  • Andrew’s Diner

  • Marina Cafe

  • Cole’s Dockside

  • School of Rock

  • La Iguana Azul

  • Anthony’s Paninoteca

  • Flanagan’s

  • Mimmo’s

  • Reggiano’s

  • Pastrami Shoppe

  • La Candela Espanola

  • There’s so many more!

Thank you for checking out 10308! As usual, we are here to guide you through the entire borough, zip code by zip code. Presented by Joseph Ranola and Jose Matias of Matias Real Estate. See you on the next one!

Check out the full episode on our YouTube page to see what life is like in 10308 🏙️

Any questions regarding Staten Island Real Estate or

Staten Island in general? Reach out at any time!

  • Matias Real Estate, 418 Port Richmond Avenue

  • Jose Matias: 917-882-8659 -

  • Joseph Ranola: 917-716-1496 -

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