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September 2023

10309 Zipcode - Charleston, Prince's Bay, Pleasant Plains

A Tour Through 10309!


This month we are highlighting Staten Island zip code 10309! This is the trailer of the main episode which is up on our YouTube page.

10309 consists of Charleston, Prince’s Bay and Pleasant Plains. There is MUCH history within this zip code, which is also one of NYC’s most sparsely populated areas!

🌳 Mt. Loretto & Mt. Loretto Unique Area

Discover the natural beauty and serene landscapes at Mt. Loretto. Learn about its past as an orphanage and its transformation into a unique area, home to some of the rarest plants and wildlife in New York City.

🌊 Prince's Bay & Prince's Bay Oysters

Let's rewind time and explore the glory days of Prince's Bay, once famous for its scrumptious oysters that were considered a delicacy in the early 1900s.

🍋 Lemon Creek

Uncover the fascinating tales behind Lemon Creek, a natural waterway that has long been a community favorite for fishing and boating.

🚢 Sharrotts Pier & Staten Island Boat Graveyard

We'll also stop by Sharrotts Pier and the eerie yet mesmerizing Staten Island Boat Graveyard, the final resting place of various retired ships and barges.

🏰 Seguine Mansion & Kreischer Mansion

Check out these architectural marvels of 10309! The Seguine Mansion stands as a symbol of 19th-century opulence, while the Kreischer Mansion is shrouded in tales both romantic and tragic.

🍺 Kilmeyers

What’s a tour of 10309 without Kilmeyers, one of Staten Island's oldest pubs, where good company meets great history!?


Some housing information to paint a picture of how homes move in 10309:


Properties SOLD: 119

Properties ACTIVE: 41

Total SOLD: $108,000,000

Average PRICE: $905,000

Average DISCOUNT: 18%

Wow! Very high average price at nearly one million! Also, VERY high average discount at 18% (SI as a whole has been hovering around 6% on average). Not much action at only 119 sold and 41 active. Good numbers for a seller!


There are so many great businesses in this corner of the island! To name a few, we always recommend:

  • Nucci’s

  • Ho’Brah

  • Sharkeys Cuts for Kids

  • Lava Lounge

  • Modern Image

  • Rocket Fizz

  • Z Two

  • Old Bermuda Inn

  • Killmeyers

  • Luce

  • So many more!

Thank you for checking out 10309! As usual, we are here to guide you through the entire borough, zip code by zip code. Presented by Joseph Ranola and Jose Matias of Matias Real Estate. See you on the next one!

Any questions regarding Staten Island Real Estate or

Staten Island in general? Reach out at any time!

  • Matias Real Estate, 418 Port Richmond Avenue

  • Jose Matias: 917-882-8659 -

  • Joseph Ranola: 917-716-1496 -

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