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September 2023

10310 Zipcode - West Brighton, Westerleigh, Silver Lake

A Tour Through 10310!


This month we are highlighting Staten Island zip code 10310!

10310 encompasses the neighborhoods of West Brighton, Randall Manor, and part of the North Shore. It's rich in culture and history, offering a unique blend of urban and suburban living in NYC!

🏞 Forest Avenue & West Brighton Commercial District Dive into the vibrant life along Forest Avenue, the heart of 10310. This bustling commercial district is filled with shops, restaurants, and a lively atmosphere reflecting the diverse community.

🏰 Richmond University Medical Center Tour the impressive Richmond University Medical Center, a cornerstone of healthcare in the area, known for its state-of-the-art facilities and community-oriented services.

📜 Westerleigh's Prohibition Legacy Westerleigh's streets, named after Prohibition-supporting states like Maine, Ohio, and Nevada, reflect its unique past as National Prohibition Park. This neighborhood was a 19th-century hub for temperance movement advocates, influencing its development and street naming. These names today serve as reminders of this significant era in American history.

🏞 Walker Park Walker Park, a cornerstone of the 10310 community, offers a blend of recreational activities and historical significance. Once the home ground of the Staten Island Cricket and Baseball Club, it now provides lush fields for sports, picnics, and leisurely strolls. The park's cricket legacy adds a touch of historical charm, making it a popular destination for both sports enthusiasts and history buffs.


Some housing information to paint a picture of how homes move in 10310:


Properties SOLD: 292

Properties ACTIVE: 49

Total SOLD: $190,000,000

Average PRICE: $649,000

Average DISCOUNT: 6%

Over the last year a total of 292 properties were reported as sold, reflecting a dynamic and active housing market. Currently, there are 49 properties listed as active, indicating a healthy inventory for potential buyers. The total value of properties sold reached an impressive $190,000,000. On average, properties in this area are priced at around $649,000, offering a range of options for different budgets. Notably, the average discount on property sales stands at 6%, suggesting a relatively balanced market where sellers achieve close to their asking prices, signaling strong demand and a robust real estate environment.


There are so many great businesses in this corner of the island! To name a few, we always recommend:

  • Ungaro Coal Fired Pizza Cafe

  • Chandelier Room

  • Majors Records

  • Philips Candy

  • G‘s Cheesesteaks

  • Panini Grill

  • The House of Wings

  • DeLuca's

Thank you for checking out 10310! As usual, we are here to guide you through the entire borough, zip code by zip code. Presented by Joseph Ranola and Jose Matias of Matias Real Estate. See you on the next one!

Any questions regarding Staten Island Real Estate or

Staten Island in general? Reach out at any time!

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  • Jose Matias: 917-882-8659 -

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