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Episode 13 - Dad and Daughters Home Inspection

November 2021

Mobile Business

Treated like family!


For lucky number 13 we were able to highlight Mike Zarcone of Dad and Daughters Home Inspection!

If you’re buying a home you will, more than likely, be getting a home inspection. This is where an engineer, or home inspector, checks the ins and outs of the property in question for any defects or issues.

With that being said, you’d obviously want a great home inspector to make sure you’re not missing anything at all- one defect accidentally skipped over could cost you thousands upon thousands in the long run!

This is where Dad and Daughters comes in. Mike is not only very skilled in his craft, but he has the necessary ingredient to make sure you’re being 100% taken care of- passion.

His passion shines through his work and you know, without question, that you had the best home inspection possible just done! He treats every single customer like family and acts as if he’s buying the house that he’s inspecting.

Lastly, add the technology that he embraces (that many inspectors don’t!) like the drone in slide #2 to check every nook and cranny on the roof and then some.

It’s a win-win formula for you!

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