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Episode 15 - Brooklyn Auto Sales

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

November 2021

161 Marion Street, 10310

Get any car ever created right here on Staten Island!


This week is an insanely fun episode!!

We had the pleasure of joining the owners at Brooklyn Auto Sales, located at 161 Marion Street here on Staten Island!

This place sells cars that people quite literally dream about. They don’t only go for high end performance models…they seek out the rarest forms of those cars whether it’s special packages, unique colors or combinations that you just typically don’t see in person! So many of these cars were just absolutely breathtaking and so rare that there’s only a handful in the entire WORLD…. and they’re right here on Staten Island!

Better yet, if you’re looking for something special and you just can’t find it anywhere, this is also your place! They have an entire process of sourcing out the exact car you want (need)!

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