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Episode 18 - 123 Publish, INC

February 2022

Mobile Business

All of your marketing needs on Staten Island!


This week we had the huge pleasure of highlighting Joseph Pidoriano, the owner of 123 Publish Inc @123publishinc !

If you own any sort of business you KNOW how important marketing is…but also how difficult it can be. The difficulty and amount of time it consumes is what leads to a lot of us putting this off- but how can you put off the main thing that makes your business grow?!

In comes @123publishinc. This digital marketing service will completely transform your business and take it to the next level!

Whether you need a website created/maintained/refreshed, a logo designed, a state of the art virtual tour of your business, help with SEO or social media or anything else this is your company!!

Joe has helped HUGE businesses on the island and he can help you too. Take advantage and grow your business!

With that being said, Joe was able to get 50 gift cards and baskets from businesses around the island that he’s either helped or is going to help, all to give away to our followers for this amazing episode! He and all of these businesses really came through and that’s what this whole highlighting thing is all about, us all coming together as a community!

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