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Episode 23 - Sharkey's Cuts for Kids

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

May 2022

4885 Arthur Kill Road, 10309

For Kids, Adults and Everything in Between!


Welcome to Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids!! If your child needs a haircut there is NO place better on Staten Island!

Have really young ones? The power wheels car seats offered in many different choices for both boys and girls are off the charts- the sirens turn on, the wheels move and everything! Getting a first haircut? You get a lock of hair and a certificate!

Have tweens, teens or anything in between? There’s bigger, comfortable chairs with Xbox’s, PlayStations, or all the capabilities for a mini makeover!

Included in every haircut is a wash, blow dry, mini-cure (girls can file and paint their nails!) lollipops and balloons.

What a place!

Want to know what really blew us away? Upon paying for the haircut the child will be given a token. They then go and put that token in a little charity box of their choice- how amazing is that! The charities change as well!

If you’re looking for this type of experience in New York City your choice is either here…or the Upper East Side as these are the only 2 Sharkey’s in NYC. SI it is! They have customers from all over the island, Brooklyn, NJ, even Long Island and beyond. Truly a great, great place.

If your kids (or you- no age limits!) need a haircut, this is your place. 4885 Arthur Kill Road 10309.

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