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Episode 24 - Bella Vita CBD and Wellness

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

June 2022

4885 Arthur Kill Road, 10309

Relax in a Himalayan Salt Room!


This week’s episode is all about wellness and relaxation!

Upon first stepping into Bellavita CBD & Wellness you’re transported from big loud city craziness to a quiet, serene place that touches on all of your senses!

It smells pleasant, it’s soft on the eyes and peaceful music is playing! Relax in a comfy seat with a book, smell some essential oils or, our favorite part, hit the Salt and Therapy Rooms!

The Salt Room is perfection. Salt bricks with a calming light adorn the rear wall and the entire floor is salt as if you’re on some planet in another galaxy. Salt is also emitted through the air during a typical 45 minute-an hour session- amazing! You sit back and relax in one of the chairs and just detoxify and feel better. It cures skin conditions, respiratory ailments and more.

The Therapy Room features the amazing Cocoon Fitness Pod- it gets up to 190 degrees in there! Smell the essential oil of the day while the cocoon takes care of your body and leave feeling fully refreshed!

On your way out feel free to purchase some nice items to continue the wellness at home. Essential oils, soaps and more are there to aid you no matter where you are.

If you need a break, this is your place! We have a great week ahead!

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