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Episode 28 - Staten Island Ferry Hawks

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

July 2022

75 Richmond Terrace, 10301

Staten Island's Professional Baseball Team!


The Staten Island FerryHawks!!

Yes, Staten Island has professional baseball AND, arguably, the most beautiful ballpark in New York City!

The FerryHawks are in their inaugural season and the way the community has come together to enjoy Staten Island baseball proves that they are here to stay.

Located at 75 Richmond Terrace, the SIUH Community Park is completely accessible by anyone city wide- cars, trains, ferries, busses and anything else will get you here in no time to enjoy a great day at the game!

The General Manager, Gary Perone, is a master at his craft and his craft is to make the FerryHawks enjoyable for all. As Staten Islanders, the team and ballpark belong to US and that’s exactly how he wants it! With sections named after neighborhoods, staple restaurants brought in to serve their famous food at the games and everything else, this is truly a Staten Island thing meant for us to enjoy!!

With a long summer ahead of us, make sure you go and catch a game!!

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