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Episode 3 - RNS Exotics

May 2021

Mobile Business

Rent the best of the best cars, right here on Staten Island


Welcome to our very first feature on Highlighting Staten Island!!

Wow!!! To say that filming episode 3 was fun is the biggest understatement we’ve ever made!

This week we are highlighting RNS Exotics @rns_exotics . Yes- you can rent Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces right here on the island!!

They are located at 115 Page Avenue but will drop their cars off to you directly if you’d like!

I contacted one of the owners, Sam, and the first thing he said was “this sounds like a great idea- let me know when you want to pick up a Ferrari”- talk about excitement!

We had a Ferrari 488 and Rolls Royce Dawn for the day- 2 absolutely unbelievable cars at the top of their class.

The Ferrari was monstrously fast, beautifully loud and caught the attention of anyone and everyone around it. We received hundreds of thumbs up and tons of requests to rev it as we passed by anyone from drooling teens to a woman in her 80’s (we would’ve offered her a ride but she was with her husband 🤣)

The Rolls Royce was powerful beyond measure, quiet as a church mouse and you’re wrapped in unparalleled luxury as you’re taking the sun in with the top down- it’s a Rolls after all! There is simply no match in the luxury car world.

The point of all of this is that yes, these cars are hundreds of thousands of dollars- but that doesn’t mean that the average person can’t enjoy a day behind the wheel of whichever one suits your style!!

RNS Exotics was created to do just that. Treat yourself and do it. Experiencing one of these cars for a day is nearly life changing!!

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