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Episode 32 - Taste of India II

March 2023

278 New Dorp Lane, 10306

Trendy, Authentic and Inviting!



Episode 32! Taste of India II has been whipping up some of the best Indian food you’ve ever tasted since 1990! You walk into a stunning bar area which would be enough by itself if you were looking for a nice night out- but that’s just the beginning! The dining room is very authentic and inviting…and then there’s the food and drink! We ate like kings! The multiple different lamb and chicken dishes, the special appetizers, the naan! Can’t eat meat on Fridays? The fish dishes like the salmon and shrimp that we had were insane! So much flavor! Get over to Taste of India II for an authentic dining experience! 💰💸💲DISCOUNT - sign up for our emails to see the great discount they’re giving out for the month of March! Newsletter goes out this weekend This episode featured: 🍞 Garlic Rosemary Naan 🍄 Garlicky Mushrooms 🍗 Malai Kabab, Chicken Tikka Masala 🐑 Boti Kabab 🍤 Shrimp Mango Masala 🐟 Fish Tikka 🍸 Bengal Tiger, Red Lotus 📍287 New Dorp Lane, 10306 ⌨️ #statenisland #indian #tasteofindia2 #highlightingstatenisland#supportstaten

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