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Episode 38 - Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

April 2023

646 Forest Avenue, 10310

The Automat is Back!


Episode 38!

The Automat is back! The really, really cool concept of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has been met with a large response since gracing our shores last year- and for good reason!

It’s quick, easy and no nonsense- simply place your order online or at the computers on site. Soon enough you’ll receive a notification that your order is ready- put your special code in and grab your food from the lockers on the back wall! So simple, so cool!

And the food? EXCELLENT. The dumplings, of course, do not disappoint no matter which crazy (or traditional) flavor you opt for (hint- try them all!!) The chop chop bowls are a meal and a half, the combos are beyond filling and there’s even dessert dumplings!

Whether you’re looking for something new, something quick, something tasty or just an all around cool experience…this is your place! Give it a try!

💰💸💲DISCOUNT - sign up for our emails (direct link in bio, just made it even easier!)to see the great discount they’re giving out for a month! Newsletter goes out this weekend.

This episode featured:

🥟 Pepperoni Pizza and Mac and Cheese Dumplings

🥟 Dark Chocolate and Apple Caramel Dessert Dumplings

🍲 Crispy Chicken Bowl with Peanut Sauce

🍲 Crispy Shrimp Bowl with Teriyaki Sauce

📍646 Forest Avenue - 10310


Presented by your two favorite Real Estate Brokers, Jose Matias and Joseph Ranola of Matias Real Estate 🏡

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