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Episode 4 - Pressure Professor

June 2021

Mobile Business

Staten Island powerwashing services by a true professional!


This week we are highlighting an awesome mobile business that will take away all of the hard work and effort in keeping your house (or anything else!) clean- The Pressure Professor!

As you know, being in the real estate business leads to us being around properties in all kinds of conditions- one thing that’s constant is 99 out 100 houses we encounter could use a good pressure washing!!

The problem? It’s very time and labor intensive. You get wet and dirty. You have to buy an expensive pressure washer and hope it still works when you break it out for the next season. You have to burn an entire day or weekend- who wants to do that!?

Trust us- hire @pressure.professor and let him get you the results you want while taking away the part that you don’t want to do- the whole thing!!

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