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Episode 40 - Grind Coffee Bar

May 2023

7427 Amboy Road, 10307

Your Neighborhood Coffee Spot!


Staten Island, this is how we brew it! Grind Coffee Bar in Tottenville is serving up serious fare- everything from special coffee (of course) to espresso, cookies to unmatched stuffed donuts… insane! Grind is a a true neighborhood coffee spot, much like those found in Manhattan or even Italy. You stop in for your espresso and treat, you know the staff, they know your name and order- it’s a cozy little place that’s like home! They’re always cranking out different things and the latest are their stuffed donuts- really, really extraordinary! They toast them a little bit (the added crunch is perfect!) and then both fill AND top them with the flavor you’re getting. PB&J, Cannoli Cream, Piatachio and the list goes on. Must have with your coffee! Get over to Grind Coffee Bar for the neighborhood espresso experience! 🎫🎫🎫 GOLDEN TICKET ENTRY 🎫🎫🎫 Grind Coffee Bar has entered our Golden Ticket Program! That means TWO lucky subscribers will win a $50 gift card! To enter, simply: -Tag 1 friend -Follow @grindcoffeesi and @highlightingstatenisland -Subscribe to our newsletter (link to website in bio) And that’s it! We will announce the winner in our newsletter this weekend! Didn’t win? You still get the discount: 💰💸💲DISCOUNT - sign up for our emails (direct link in bio, just made it even easier!)to see the great discount they’re giving out for a month! Newsletter goes out this weekend. This episode featured: ☕️ Various Espresso and Specialty Coffees 🍩 Cannoli Cream Stuffed Donut 🍩 Pistachio Stuffed Donut 🥤 Fresh Fruit Strawberry Lemonade 📍7427 Amboy Road - 10307 ⌨️ Presented by your two favorite Real Estate Brokers, Jose Matias and Joseph Ranola of Matias Real Estate 🏡 #statenisland #nyc #highlightingstatenisland #supportstaten#grindcoffeebar #newera #declicious #7427amboyroad#coffeeshop #coffee #statenisland #brewit #tottenville#espresso #humanbeings #fillup #neighborhoodcoffeesho

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