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Episode 45 - RNS Exotics

June 2023


Best Fleet of Exotic Car Rentals You Will Ever See!


Episode 45

If you’re looking for some excitement, look no further than RNS Exotics!

This rental car company has the best fleet we’ve ever seen, and they’re based right here on Staten Island!

Constantly changing their cars to keep everything fresh, we’ve driven some insane cars through the years thanks to them- and they’re typically supercars that no one would ever be crazy enough to have in a rental fleet!

On this episode we got to experience one of their Lamborghini’s, the classic Rolls Royce and their new absolute monster that you’ll never see for rent anywhere else- a Porsche GT3RS!

You’re going to want this weeks discount 🏎️🚀

💰💸💲DISCOUNT - sign up for our emails (direct link in bio, just made it even easier!)to see the great discount they’re giving out for a month! Newsletter goes out this weekend.

This episode featured:

🟡 Huracan Evo Spyder

⚪️ Rolls Royce Dawn

🟢 Porsche GT3RS

📍Mobile- they come to you with the 🏎️ !

Presented by your two favorite Real Estate Brokers, Jose Matias and Joseph Ranola of Matias Real Estate 🏡

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