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Episode 6 - Remedy Dentistry

July 2021

932 Woodrow Road, 10312

Staten Island’s Smile Guru


Welcome to Episode 6 of Highlighting Staten Island!

This week we had the great opportunity to feature Remedy Dentistry located at 932 Woodrow Road.

Dr. Greg Balaes is fixing smiles one SI resident at a time while also providing top dental care to everyone in between!

We’re not oblivious to the fact that going to the dentist isn’t on the top of your enjoyment list, but coming here definitely kicks it up many notches!

You’re first greeted with a beautifully landscaped entrance which leads into a very bright, friendly and modern reception/waiting room. From there it only gets better- when you go to your dental chair you’ll be blown away by the glass-wall open concept of the place! You feel as if you’re in an upscale Manhattan office on the 50th floor of some beautiful building, but instead Greg brought that right here to Woodrow Road on Staten Island!

Between the great feel of this place, the unmatched service, the comfort, the ultimate dental work, the goodie bags and more it’s very difficult to imagine going anywhere else on the island when it comes to your teeth.

Go check Dr. Greg out- you will not be disappointed!

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