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Episode 74 - Amici Pizzeria

January 2024

6309 Amboy Road, 10309

Staten Island's Brick Oven Pizza!


Episode 74!

🍕 Get Some Great Brick Oven Pizza at Amici Pizzeria - A Slice of Italy on Staten Island

Amici Pizzeria- the home of Brick Oven Pizza! Their foods are a masterpiece of flavor, all put together by that beautiful Brick Oven! Beyond pizzas, Amici's menu is a tribute to Italian cuisine, offering a variety of dishes that celebrate the rich culinary traditions of Italy.

Whether you're craving a classic Margherita, a rich and hearty pasta or one of their specialty pizzas, Amici's dedication to authenticity and quality shines through in every dish! Not only that- but they’re creative too! Pizza roses, heart shaped pizza, pizza skulls… they combine the best thing in the world (pizza) with cool and tasty designs to give you a great experience!

Amici's Pizzeria isn't just a restaurant; it's a destination for those who appreciate the art of Italian cooking. Whether you’re looking full a full blown dinner, a quick lunch or even to just pick up some pizza dough and make your own, they do it all 7 days a week! Come see why they’ve been around for 12 years!


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This episode featured:

💀 Pizza Skulls

🌹 Pizza Roses

❤️ Heart Shaped Pizza

🧄 Buffalo Garlic Knots

🍕 Various Pizzas

📍6309 Amboy Road, 10309

Presented by your two favorite 🏡 Brokers, Jose Matias and Joseph Ranola of Matias RE!

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