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Episode 78 - Bora Bora

February 2024

1814 Hylan Boulevard, 10305

Vacation to Bora Bora Right Here on Staten Island!


Episode 78!

🌴🍹 Taste the Tropics at Bora Bora - Right here on Staten Island!

Bora Bora, an international sensation, has been captivating taste buds worldwide with its array of delectable offerings. Renowned for their signature cocktails, fresh juices, and mouth watering crepes and waffles, Bora Bora is a beloved and trusted brand across the globe- how lucky are we to have them right here on the island?!

Bora Bora is more than just a dining destination- it's a place where every visit is an experience, offering a slice of paradise with every bite!

Whether you're indulging in a signature crepe, sipping on a beautiful mocktail (look at that cotton candy!) or enjoying a refreshing juice, Bora Bora brings the essence of tropical luxury to your doorstep, inviting you to be part of a global family that celebrates the joy of fine food and drink. Cheers!


Bora Bora is giving away a $50 gift card- enough to try a lot of the menu! Here's how to win:

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The winner will be announced in our newsletter. Don't win? No worries, we've got you covered:

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This episode featured:

🍧 Ice Vimto

🍭 Pink Freez

🧇 Smoked Turkey Croffle

🍫 Signature Crepe

🌯 Feta Toast

📍1814 Hylan Boulevard, 10305

Presented by your two favorite 🏡 Brokers, Jose Matias and Joseph Ranola of Matias RE!

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