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Episode 86 - Wynwood

April 2024

7 Navy Pier Court (URBY), 10304

Miami on Staten Island!


Episode 86!

🌴 Savor the World at Wynwood, Staten Island's Own Slice of Miami

Hit Florida without the flight by going to Wynwood, where the essence of Miami's famous art district inspires a dining adventure right here on Staten Island!

At Wynwood, the ambiance is king! They did an unbelievable job transporting you over to the 305 and then inviting you to explore a menu crammed with global flavors. Then again, with places like Cypress Hall, Fava, Pizza Parlor and more under their belt…are we really surprised?!

Come to Wynwood to experience the exotic and the familiar, where the world's street cuisines are served not just on a plate, but with a story, all under one roof that’s a tribute to art, flavor, and community!


Wynwood is giving away a $100 gift card- go get some food and drink! Here's how to win:

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The winner will be announced in our newsletter. Don't win? No worries, we've got you covered:

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This episode featured:

🥥 Caribbean Dream

🍹 Numero Uno

🌮 Birria Tacos

🥟 Mongolian Beef Empanada

🍤 Bang Bang Shrimp

🍘 Black Truffle Riceball

🥩 Skirt Steak

🦞 Lobster Pasta

🍌 Stuffed Mofongo

🍹 Colossal Rum Punch

📍7 Navy Pier Court (Urby), 10304

Presented by your two favorite 🏡 Brokers, Jose Matias and Joseph Ranola of Matias RE!

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