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Episode 91 - Trinity Training Complex

May 2024

484 Sharrotts Road, 10307

Get your CCW in NYC!


Episode 91!

🎯 Master Your Skills at Trinity Training Complex in Staten Island

Explore the premier training destination in Staten Island at Trinity Training Complex, where you can enhance your tactical abilities in a state-of-the-art environment. This cutting-edge facility is equipped with the latest technology and expert staff to guide you through a comprehensive learning experience.

From their modular tac house (biggest in the Northeast!), which offers unparalleled flexibility for various scenarios, to their vehicle bay with simulated training around cars, Trinity Training Complex prepares you for real life situations. Their focus on safety means all training is conducted with non lethal equipment, ensuring a secure environment for skill development.

Discover how you can obtain your permit (!!) and sharpen your tactical expertise in a top tier facility designed to support your journey. Join us as we uncover the unique training opportunities that make Trinity Training Complex a standout destination for skill mastery!


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This episode featured:

👮‍♂️ All things safety!

📍484 Sharrotts Road, 10309

Presented by your two favorite 🏡 Brokers, Jose Matias and Joseph Ranola of Matias RE!

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