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Episode 93 - Steph's Creativity Corner

June 2024

7305 Amboy Road, 10307

Staten Island's ONLY Toy Store!


Episode 93!

🎨 Unleash Imagination at Steph’s Creativity Corner – Staten Island’s Only Toy Store

Steph’s Creativity Corner is your go-to destination for unique, educational gifts that inspire creativity and imagination in children aged 0-12. Located at 7305 Amboy Road, this shop offers a delightful selection of craft kits, sensory toys, and personalized items perfect for any occasion.


7305 Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY 10307

❗️WHAT: Staten Island’s only toy store!


📚 Educational toys

🧵 Craft kits

🪆 Sensory toys

✏️ Personalized gifts

🎓 Personalized graduation caps

🎉 Budget gifts- read below!


Don’t miss out on Steph’s budget gifts for kids' birthday parties!! Simply provide the age, gender and budget, and she will put together a gorgeous, wrapped gift…. on the same day!! It’s the perfect solution for last-minute gifts! (Personalized takes time of course)


A filled personalized chest!

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