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Episode 1 - Casa Nino’s Pizza House

April 2021

1281 Arthur Kill Road. 10312 (New Location)

Great time. Great pizza!


Welcome to our very first feature on Highlighting Staten Island!!

This week we were lucky enough to indulge in some great food and great company at Casa Nino’s, located at 1757 Arthur Kill Road in Arden Heights!

They’ve been around since 1997 so you know they’re doing something right! A huge reason for their staying power is innovation- wait until you see some of the crazy stuff we got to try! Mac and cheese egg rolls and the quad pie were two huge stand-outs, and something we’ve never seen before at any other pizzeria. The funny thing is that’s nothing new at this place- I’ve been coming here for 20 years and was always intrigued by the interesting slices they’d have...stuff not seen anywhere else (until the competition catches on of course!)

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